The Lazy Lion does not share personally identifiable information that you provided to us with third parties that does not directly relate to transaction processes.          
Delivery/Pick-up Terms- Delivery/Pick-up Terms- Lazy Lion requires the client’s signature for all dormitory pick-up and drop-offs. Once a client signs that he/she has received their laundry, which renders a delivery complete, the driver and Lazy Lion will no longer be held responsible regarding proceeding unforeseen mishaps. Laundry deliveries will be attempted during Lazy Lion’s normal business hours and schedules. Lazy Lion can leave your laundry at your premises of your home or fraternity house if you sign the “leave at my address” disclaimer when signing up. The safety of your laundry will be at your own risk. Lazy Lion will not be responsible for any laundry not directly delivered or received by the driver. The driver may be permitted to enter fraternity houses, private homes, and apartment lobbies if access is granted.

Please check our website periodically for any delivery schedule changes that may occur especially in the beginning of each semester. Delivery schedules are subject to change at any time. A reminder e-mail will be sent to all Lazy Lion customers if schedule times or days are altered due to unforeseen sign-ups.

Billing terms- If you wish to sign-up for Lazy Lion, you must authorize Lazy Lion to bill your credit card account on file for exceeding your package weight limit. Each additional pound that you exceed over your weight limit, Lazy Lion will bill your credit card at the rate of $1.00 per pound. In addition, Lazy Lion is not responsible for missed pick-ups or deliveries. If you have any unused weeks during the course of the semester and choose to not use our service, Lazy Lion will not reimburse you. In emergency circumstances if you miss your pick-up or delivery you may e-mail us to schedule an alternate pick-up time or day. We will try to accommodate you to the best of our ability.

Damaged/Missing items- We do not iron any articles of clothing; and as such, some items may not return wrinkle-free. Lazy lion is not responsible for missing, damaged, or discolored clothing items. In addition, Lazy Lion will not be responsible for any shrinkage of clothing. Lazy Lion is not responsible for damage done to any article of clothing that is brought upon by the ordinary effects that occur when washing and drying items. We dry all of our clothing on a low setting. In addition, we are not responsible for any newly purchased items that may bleed onto your other clothing. Any pens, markers, or other items left in any pockets or inside clothing that causes staining will not be Lazy Lion’s responsibility! Lazy Lion will not be held responsible for any garments regardless of cost or type. If you are not completely satisfied with our service you may cancel at anytime.  You will be billed at $1.95 per pound rate if you cancel plus a $25.95 processing fee. The terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. Please check our website periodically for any changes that may occur.

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